Rail Corridor Investigations

At Pardo Engineering, we understand that working in the rail corridor requires attention to detail and process. We have successfully provided geotechnical and geoenvironmental services to rail authorities, contractors and third parties all across Victoria. We also have industry partners in safeworking, construction, drilling and rail interface services.

Track Renewal

We excavate boreholes through the existing track and ballast to determine the underlying soil layers, collecting samples for testing in NATA-accredited laboratories. Insitu testing, such as the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP), are used to determine the bearing capacity of the soils beneath the tracks.

Platform Investigations

If you are planning to install platform amenities, lift or renew the platform surface, or if you need to investigate existing footings or retaining structures, Pardo Engineering has extensive experience and can deliver results.

To eliminate risks and costs, we use hand tools to excavate test pits approximately 250x250mm through the platform surface, taking samples and conducting insitu tests. These excavations can extend as far as 3.0m below surface level, giving you a complete soil profile of the platform and its underlying soils.

Bridges, Crash Beams & Culverts

Pardo Engineering can plan and execute geotechnical investigations for civil projects with deep foundations through the use of mechanical drill rigs and Cone Penetration Testing (CPT). Drilled boreholes can extend to 20.0m and beyond, using conventional drilling methods (solid auger, diamond coring, and washboring). Standard Penetration Tests (SPTs) provide critical information and are performed in each borehole at regular intervals.

Underbore Investigations

If you are installing an underground service that crosses underneath the rail corridor, the relevant rail authorities will require a geotechnical investigation with a track settlement prediction. Pardo Engineering has extensive experience providing this type of service to clients all across Victoria.